Internationalisation, sustainability and social responsibility

From sales to design, construction, project management, production and installation, Give Steel works ambitiously to develop performance. Our overall strategy has three general main themes: internationalisation, sustainability and social responsibility.

Give Steel is a major producer of steel structures in Northern Europe. We have a presence at four sites in three countries, but our internationalisation also involve the way we approach the respective markets. This includes expertise in each country’s environmental and quality standards, as well as local legal expertise. Currently, our main markets are Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Our strategy for sustainability has three tracks: social responsibilityclimate and economic  sustainability. We are well on the way towards our green transition and have launched a three year climate plan working with international environmental standards and in which our primary focus is to satisfy all environmental declarations that are deemed necessary.

Read more about our sustainability strategy here.

Social responsibility
Social responsibility is part of our DNA. Our CSR strategy has particular focus on getting young people on the fringes of society into the labour market, leaving a positive local footprint in our immediate communities and to bring young engineering students closer to working in the real world.

Meet our foreman, Kristian, who works closely with our apprentices.