We Grow People

Give Steel is acknowledged as an innovative business partner that provides solid solutions based on precise calculations, strong construction structures, exceptional service and reliable delivery performance.

We are renowned for our responsibility, precision and flexibility – with respect to both our customers and our employees. This ensures exactly the right solution – at exactly the right price. We always keep our promises at Give Steel.

We enter into solid agreements – and provide only the right solutions.

Our values


Responsibility is the root and pivotal point of our brand. To us, responsibility means standing by our word, treating people decently and ensuring that our production has a little environmental impact as possible We know our strengths and weaknesses and work continuously to become even better.

Our sense of responsibility is manifested in our:

  • High service standards
  • Strong CSR profile
  • Climate-conscious manufacturing environment
  • Flexible solutions like GSY BEAM®, which is the most flexible  composite beam solution on the market!
  • Professional engineering work, including precise calculations to assure the right price and a responsible  CO2 footprint.
  • Our stance is that manufacturing and construction site safety should be a matter of course.