Steel frames - our standard structure

Give Steel’s upwelded steel structures are a force to be reckoned with. We perform all sizes and designs of upwelded constructions using our robot facility.


Upwelded steel frames

Upwelded steel frames have a structure that allows for maximum structural optimisation.

Upwelded frames are typically used in simple agricultural and industrial hall constructions, but are also found in arenas and other buildings where there are benefits to using a cost-effective “open” structural form.

Steel frames for simple steel structures

Our optimisation of steel frames for simple steel structures, used typically in warehouse and logistics halls and simple industrial constructions are a Give Steel core competence that has won recognition throughout Northern Europe.

Savings in construction tonnage are more important than ever before, with regard to both project economy and CO2 emissions.

Global goal #12: responsible consumption and production

Minimising the consumption of raw materials, environmentally appropriate chemical management, recycling and reducing waste