Steel structures and frames

Give Steel is a major producer of steel frames and structures in Northern Europe. We make all our steel beams in Denmark, combining design, construction, quality and safety with advanced modern technologies, manufacturing our steel structures in a more CO2-friendly manner.

Steel frames

Our steel frames are used in construction in both the public and private sectors. From technically complex steel structures to simple industrial and agricultural buildings throughout Europe.

Column and beam structures

Column and beams can be used as component elements or as an independent statics system.


Trusses as used as load bearing roof coverage when large empty spaces are required with no disruptive support from the room up. We produce broad and narrow load bearing trusses for use in indoor stadiums, industrial buildings, production halls and warehouse buildings, were columns would be a hindrance and occupy valuable space.

Final Figures

Final Figures is an account of the company’s results. Not just financially, but also regarding social responsibility and a focus on the environment. What gets measured gets done. Therefore, recording our results is important so that we can constantly challenge ourselves to improve. Promises and intentions propel us forward. Goals are a must. And the results count. Therefore, it is important for us at Give Steel to focus on, measure and communicate the results on our triple bottom line.

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Final Figures

Steel structures for all of Northern Europe

Give Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel structures in Northern Europe. We are present at four locations in three countries, but our internationalization also covers the way we approach the respective markets. It includes competences within the individual country’s environmental and quality standards as well as local legal competence.

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Production capacity

Frames: 52,000 tonnes/year

Final Figures

Sustainability & ESG 2022.

Triple bottom line

We Grow People

We educate and challenge our employees in order to develop each individual to grow stronger,
both professionally and as a human being. Developing people is a part of our DNA.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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We grow people

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

There is increasing demand for environmental declarations. Denmark uses the DGNB sustainability standard.

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CE certificates

Give Steel is certified to produce and CE label steel structures for the European market in all execution classes (EXC 1 – EXC 4).

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