At Give Steel we develop and challenge our employees so that each person can become stronger, both professionally and at a personal level. This is why we use the statement ”We Grow People”.

We offer good quality jobs with strong development opportunities and want to make a positive difference to the lives of our employees.

Dansk Metal and Give Steel

Watch Give Steel in Dansk Metal Herning’s film about the blacksmith qualification.

Give Steel and Dansk Metal

Watch Give Steel in Dansk Metal Herning’s film about the blacksmith qualification.

“It is important that these young people feel that they are a part of something.”

Meet Kristian Eliseholm, who is the foreman for our apprentice trainees.

Local footprint in the local environment

As a company we try to leave a positive footprint in the local environments where we have a presence. We do this by bringing jobs to outer areas, strengthening the competences of newly-qualified engineers and offering local engineers attractive options for careers development.

We Grow People

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For Jonas, an apprenticeship was the exit path from cannabis abuse and trouble.

Hear his story here (in Danish).

Social baseline

Key figures for our social baseline:

  • In 2020 Give Steel was authorised to take on 32 trainees at a time. Give Steel had 28 apprentices at the beginning of 2020.
  • Four of the 28 trainees had a previous history involving crime.
  • Trainees who completed their training in 2019: eight.
  • Number of former criminals employed: four.
  • Flex job occupants: seven.

Give Steel’s ambition is to find and recruit young people and to offer them training and a qualification through an apprenticeship. Each year we look at our efforts and assess them, trying constantly to optimise our social baseline.

Danish production

All our steel beams are made in Denmark. This assures quality and also protects Danish jobs.

As a local company our jobs bring value to our local community and ensure that everyone is paid according to a common agreement.


We offer young people with criminal backgrounds a new chance at life.

We have been partners of the High:Five organisation for many years, helping those with previous criminal records back into the labour market and encouraging them towards a new and better future.