Social responsibility has been an important part of Give Steel’s profile since long before CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was given a name.

Accountability is our main value and it is given a natural expression in our attitudes, actions, and daily work at the factory. For us, this concerns focus, positive and negative choices – and ultimately positioning our vision, mission, values and strategy in relation to our social responsibility. Our goal is therefore to find the right balance between quality, environment, efficiency, work environment and social responsibility.

We believe the industry should hire more apprentices

We believe that industry should take social responsibility and hire more apprentices! Many industrial companies expect apprentices to perform from day one and be part of the company’s production. Accepting apprentice trainees takes capacity, but we think that this is a responsibility that companies should be willing to accept. Nevertheless, many companies refrain from creating new apprenticeships. We believe that the potential of far too many young people on the outer limits of the labour market goes to waste because there is a shortage of internships and apprenticeships in the business community.

Therefore,Give Steel wishes to focus on this problem An apprenticeship is far more than what you learn about your profession. It also means learning about meeting in the morning, collaborating with others, engaging in a community and being accountable for your duties. With room for 53 apprenticeships and over 600 employees, Give Steel is approved to take on more apprentices than normal for similar industrial companies.

Read our appeal to industry in our press release about apprenticeship and social responsibility here: