We endeavour to minimise our CO2 footprint

We are continually working to improve our profile in sustainability and ensure the smallest possible CO2  footprint.
Our transition towards being “greener” is well underway, with three planned stages of maturity.
This process includes aspects ranging from investments in new technologies, climate planning and CO2-responsible practices by our employees and suppliers.

Maturity level 1: A well-defined sustainability strategy Documented sustainability profile and policies (2019 – 2020).

Maturity level 2: Operational implementation of climate plans at factories, offices and construction sites (2020-2023).

Maturity level 3: Advanced transition to existing climate plan for even higher sustainability standards (2022-).

Give Steel focuses on CO2 optimisation from Cradle to Site i.e. from extraction of raw materials to final installation at the construction site


Planning and design

  • Structure optimisation
  • Strategic purchase of raw materials


Raw materials

  • Responsible extraction of raw materials

Sourcing from supplier

  • Strategic purchase of the most CO2-efficient raw materials from the most CO2-efficient suppliers

Transportation to factory

  • Logistics planning
  • Supplier Documentation/Code of Conduct


  • Investing in robots and technology
  • More environmentally friendly paint
  • Continuing investments in electric-powered tools
  • Minimising energy consumption at all locations
  • Recycling of waste
  • Minimum use of chemicals
  • Durability: Quality lasts longer


Transportation to construction site

  • Logistics planning
  • Choice of trucks
  • Supplier documentation

Installation at construction site

  • Logistics planning
  • Energy consumption on site
  • Quality installation for high durability