Torben Larsen and Teil Bechmann Pedersen

Torben Larsen and Teil Bechmann Pedersen took over the company in 2003. As former colleagues in steel production they had one simple vision: “It can be done better.” This core idea would turn out to form the company’s DNA. Although the two partners did not necessarily agree about everything, their basic values were the same and they threw themselves into the task of an extensive modernisation of an already-existing company. Their efforts bore fruit. Four years later the company had grown from seven to 37 employees, a number that was still growing as turnover increased. The factory in Brande recruited its 100th employee in 2012. Give Steel is now a successful export company that employs over 500 people at four sites in Denmark, Germany and Poland.

As leaders and owners, Torben Larsen and Teil Bechmann quickly became well known for their focus on simplifying processes and motivating their employees. Respect for people, confidence and credibility are core values that are the hallmarks of the company’s culture to this very day. The company’s management has always accepted that skilled employees are what it takes to run a successful company and that their commitment should therefore be nurtured and recognised. This has led to a constant focus on always doing things better and the focusing of attention on “not doing this as usual”.

Top executive prize

The company’s success has been based on the non-negotiable ambition of the two partners to be the best on the market. This passion is what has made Give Steel the leading supplier of steel structures in Northern Europe that it is today. This passion has also created a strong internal corporate culture within Give Steel, a culture that is constantly focused on getting better.  This is a culture that has high demands, but where efforts are recognised and rewarded. Torben Larsen and Teil Bechmann therefore received the 2012 top executive award from the industry health and safety council.  This was an official recognition of the results the two have  produced together, by focusing on a good workplace environment and effective production. The award is given for investment in, commitment to and working strategically on health and safety and well-being and creating a healthy business on the back of it.

Torben Larsen (left) and Teil Bechmann Pedersen (right). Give Steel’s two owners.