Trusses - specialist expertise

At Give Steel we perform all types of trusses.

Our knowledge and expertise with all forms of trusses means that we are always prepared for every type of project.

Large span widths

One advantage of using trusses is that they allow large spans.

Truss constructions are often used as bearing roof structures, supported by columns or concrete elements. Maximum spans will depend on roof loading and the height of the truss.

Architectural freedom

Truss constructions can be used advantageously in constructions requiring large open areas and architectural freedom, such as sports arenas and conference centres.

Truss constructions are also used in public sector institutions like schools and centres of culture but are also a popular choice for industrial buildings.

Global goal # 12: responsible consumption and production

Grid beams are produced according to a model that:
“Minimises consumption of materials, opting for the environmentally appropriate management of chemicals and the recycling and reduction of waste.”

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Steel structure for Tinghallen

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