The environment


Steel is itself a sustainable product with a long service life, which also holds great potential for recycling. As part of our green transition we are focusing our efforts on reducing our CO2 footprint at our factory in Brande and our other sites too. We analyse our energy consumption to ensure the greatest operational efficiency. We recycle our scrap and minimise the use of chemicals in our manufacturing to the bare minimum. Our climate plan also aims towards ongoing improvements in purchasing, operations and production. We work with EPDs, indoor climate, environmental transport, consumption of materials, recycling of plastics and the optimisation of ventilation etc.

See our 2022 climate plan here and find out more about our sustainability strategy here.

Health and safety

Everyone has the right to work in a safe workplace environment. Health and safety at Give Steel is the responsibility of  our internal health and safety department, in which our dedicated team focuses its efforts on ongoing improvements. Through internal advice, execution and follow-up,we therefore ensure a safe, good-quality working environment for the benefit of all our employees.


Since 2016 we have digitalised our workflows, to make us as fast, accurate and efficient as possible. This has reduced our consumption of paper and print considerably and led to a number of internal initiatives within the organisation, including electronic invoicing and digitalisation of workflows that were previously documented on paper. Reducing our paper consumption helps us to not only protect the environment, it also makes us faster, more effective.