Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi)

Give Steel A/S has just committed to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi)*, which is a global initiative for companies that want to reduce their CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Give Steel’s commitment to this initiative means that we have now embarked upon a process whereby our company has to develop a concrete climate target in relation to the Paris Agreement within the next 24 months. This target will then be submitted to SBTi for official validation.

The ambition is that low carbon steel should make up 37% of total raw material consumption in 2030.

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We know that sustainability reporting makes a big difference to major projects. Social DGNB points are therefore one of the available options that Give Steel can offer those of our customers who are working on projects that are following the principles of greater sustainability.

Please contact Give Steel’s sustainability department if you require social sustainability documentation.

We can draft a social partnership agreement with a view to the awarding of DGNB points or to produce ESG documentation for your Taxonomy.

Anette Maria Christensen
Chief Sustainability Officer


ESG at Give Steel

Sustainability & ESG report 2023

At Give Steel, we are committed to the triple tracks as a tool that measures and visualises our sustainability, progress and results. Read about our sustainable development in last year’s Final Figures report and find detailed figures on social responsibility, economic sustainability and Give Steel’s climate profile.

Final Figures 2023

Give Steel and the UN’s Global Goals

We support 10 of the UN’s Global Goals, but focus on three of them in particular:

Goal 4: Quality education
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Triple track sustainability

Give Steel’s approach to sustainability follows three tracks. It endeavours to achieve social responsibility, production and, lastly, presentation of any necessary documentation that will assure the company’s economic growth.

Climate accounting 2022

Give Steel’s climate accounts have been prepared across all three scopes and provide an insight into Give Steel’s sources of CO2 emissions. The work with the climate report provides a good insight into the company’s own climate impact and thus the opportunity to identify new opportunities to reduce the climate footprint.

See our climate report here


Triple bottom line

Sustainable development

Give Steel is dedicated to optimising our production and operations. Water-based paints, robot technologies, electricity-powered machinery and well-designed structures; all these initiatives are part of our green transition.

EPD declaration

There is increasing demand for environmental declarations. Denmark uses the DGNB sustainability standard. Other European countries use other environmental certifications.

We are in constant dialogue with our raw materials suppliers to ensure that we have the required documentation for sustainability, including in the product categories: rough panels, tubing, frames, strip sheeting, flat steel, universal steel etc.

We support all sustainability certifications, including:

  • DGNB
  • LEED

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Danish production

All our steel frames are made in Denmark. This assures quality and also protects Danish jobs.

Part of our CSR strategy means bringing value to our local area by providing jobs.