The UN’s Global Goals

Give Steel’s perspective on the UN Global Goals.

Give Steel aims to optimise steel structures so as to reduce CO2 emissions and, as far as possible, reduce construction waste.

Our optimisation work has impacted steel structures throughout Northern Europe and has helped to optimise the consumption of resources in construction projects, which otherwise represent a significant proportion of total global CO2 emissions.

Give Steel’s main focus areas

Although we support the 10 UN Global Goals,  we mainly focus on three of them: goals 4, 8 and 12. Click on each of the global goals if you would like to read more about them and the measures we have adopted to comply with them.

Our general conduct and strategy actively support ten of the UN’s ambitious Global Goals.

Since 2015, all UN member states have been duty-bound to contribute towards a more sustainable world. The 10 Global Goals where we do have influence aim to reduce inequality and assure responsible conduct and growth, without compromising sustainability.

The following text reviews the Global Goals on which we have particular focus, and contains descriptions of actual measures we have adopted to support them in our normal working day,