References policy

Give Steel does not advertise for other companies as a matter of principle. Should you wish to use Give Steel as a reference, you must therefore clear this with our management. Out of consideration for our own branding we consider in close detail which products and companies our factory can be associated with.


Give Steel is happy to be used as a reference on our suppliers’ websites if it has been agreed and approved by our management. This would assume that we have had a long-term partnership or a large-scale delivery. Any use of our company logo must link to our website.


Give Steel does not take part in testimonial films for suppliers, in advertising or written interviews that serve as advertising for other companies. We have many suppliers and are unable to set aside the time that would be required to engage in partnerships of nature.


Give Steel is happy to be quoted about our collaboration with the supplier, provided that the quote is truthful and has been approved by our management prior to publication. If the quote is part of a case history, we will need to see and review the material before it is made public.

Social media

We are happy to take part in tactical collaborations that benefit both companies on digital platforms like social media. Our willingness to engage in a tactical collaboration of this nature requires that the collaboration is equal, fair and well considered, meaning that the exposure is of benefit to both companies. A requirement in this regard would be the tagging of Give Steel’s social media profiles each time we are named.

Use of images

If Give Steel is given exposure within the supplier’s own imagery this will have to be approved by management before being made public. We are happy to loan our own imagery to suppliers if we are credited or tagged when the images are made public.

We consider mutual respect and close dialogue with our suppliers to be prerequisites for a long term partnership that benefits both parties. We therefore expect to see the aforementioned respect in our supplier’s marketing.

Subcontracted deliveries

As a general rule, Give Steel has no interest in advertising by our subcontractors that are based on subcontracted deliveries to Give Steel.  This is partly because references can be of strategic significance to Give Steel’s own branding and it can, within the context of marketing, be difficult for the uninitiated to differentiate between deliveries and part deliveries. To ensure a credible and stringent communication for both Give Steel and our suppliers, any desire to market the subcontracted delivery must therefore be agreed upon conclusion of the contract.