We use electronic invoicing

Give Steel A/S has made the decision to focus on the digitalisation of our workflows to ensure the faster registration, authorisation and payment of our supplier invoices.
It is therefore important that all invoices contain the following items of information, and that the information is up to date. We reserve the right to reject and return any invoices that do not satisfy our minimum requirements, with an adjusted due payment date as a consequence.
If we have not received the invoice by the second working day of the following month, the invoice will be rejected and a new invoice with the correct date must be sent back to us.

EAN/PEPPOL number: 5790002314513
Company Registration Number (CVR): 26998115

The following details MUST be included in invoices issued to Give Steel
Non-compliant invoices will be returned and considered as not having been received and will thus require an updated invoice and payment date. The due payment date will be calculated from the receipt of the correct invoice.

  • Requisitioning party: Full name or initials. Must always be entered in the first customer reference field.
  • Purchase number (PO number):  The format for a PO number is always POxxxxxx (the last (x)figures are always in six figures and provided by the requisitioning party (e.g. PO009999 or PO010001).
    This must be entered in the order reference field and completed only using the PO0xxxxx format. If no PO number is provided, the order number should be entered in this field.
  • Order project number: Number with four figures, provided by the requisitioning party. This should be entered in the second customer reference field if a PO number exists.
  • Documentation material: Original invoice, basis for the agreement, offer, etc. should be attached as a PDF file. (If this is not possible, the material must be sent to the requisitioning party by email.)
  • Bank details and payment conditions stated in EAN/PEPPOL

IMPORTANT: When sending us an invoice when a new month is about to start, we must receive such invoice by the fourth working day of the new month. If we have not received the invoice by the fourth working day of the new month, the invoice will not be paid until the following month. 

Example: An invoice dated in May must have been received by us by 6 June.

We reserve the right to reject and return a received invoice that does not contain the aforementioned information, with an adjusted due payment date as a consequence.

Account statements must be sent to the following email address:

If you are unable to send invoices electronically, we have a partnership with Sproom through which you can electronically invoice both us and your other customers. Follow this link to see how easy it is

The new Danish Bookkeeping Act requires us to ask that ALL invoices are sent to us via EAN/PEPPOL. Should problems arise, a PDF invoice containing all the above information should be sent to (Do NOT send both EAN/PEPPOL and PDF invoices!) We value account statements and request that you send them to:

If you have any questions, please contact the creditor department on our main phone number (+45 75731218).