Ordering process



Our sales staff have many years’ experience and can advise you in connection with even the most sophisticated building projects.

Send your enquiry to info@givesteel.com or give us a phone call.



Our sales team performs precise static design calculations on the basis of the project’s data, specifications and dimensions. The steel structure is dimensioned to ensure that the solution and price are exactly right. We think it is important to process all enquiries as quickly as possible. One of our sales team will be assigned to you when you make an enquiry. This ensures that communications are streamlined, thus minimising the risk that misunderstandings might arise later. When choosing a contact who is right for you, we consider that our customers develop strong relationships with our engineers.

Usually, you will receive a quotation that is based on accurate and precise calculations within two to three days of your initial enquiry, unless otherwise agreed.

You accept the quotation and place your order, which we register. At this stage, the project is created and assigned a project manager. All our project managers are qualified engineers with solid experience from the steel industry.


Internal kick off

Quality assurance: Project data is reviewed, followed by a review of the project plan. The project is then transferred to Give Steel’s project manager.


Order confirmation

Order confirmation will typically be sent one week after an offer has been accepted.


Project planning and pre-production

Launch of the project planning phase, with a view to project approval.
The right solution is assured using final statics calculations and 3D modelling. This assures that the design is fully compatible with the customer’s requirements.


Project approval

The customer approves the project and production is commenced.


Production commences

Production is commenced on the basis of your approval, drawings and precise calculations.



Our head fitter contacts you to inform you of the actual day on which delivery will be made in the agreed week.



At a safe construction site.