Company cars

In connection with the delivery of a company car, it is a prerequisite for the employment relationship that the employee has a driver’s license. The employee is obliged to immediately inform the immediate manager if the right to drive is revoked. The employee must be able to present a valid driver’s license at the request of the manager or HR.

When using the company cars, smoking is not allowed in the car and any violation will require cleaning the car at the user’s own expense.

You are obliged to comply with the Danish Road Traffic Act and are personally liable for any fines for non-compliance with this. The same applies to parking fines or other types of fines imposed on Give Steel.  Fines may be set off against the payment of wages.

The company cars can be equipped with a company logo, so good behavior should be encouraged, as it is the face of the company.

It is further emphasized that under no circumstances will Give Steel accept that the drive is operated in an affected condition. In the event of damage, where the user can be held liable due to the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, all costs associated with this will be charged to the user.

If the car is confiscated in the event of impaired driving, you as a user of the car are liable for all costs Give Steel is thereby incurred.  This also applies in cases where the employee has left the vehicle to others. Impaired driving can, for example, be driving at very high speeds or driving that endangers the lives of others.

See policy for irresponsible driving.