Recruitment policy

All of our employees have equal opportunities. We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and prevent accidents. Discrimination in connection with recruitment, compensation, education, promotion, termination or retirement that is based on ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender or sexual preferences is not tolerated. No forms of discrimination whatsoever are tolerated.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence, bullying or harassment in the workplace.

The purpose of these guidelines is to present an overall framework for Give Steel’s recruitment process, with a view to:

  • establishing uniform guidelines for the recruitment process,
  • ensuring that the recruitment process is characterised by quality, professionalism and fast case processing,
  • establishing clarity about who should participate in the process and when,
  • ensuring that recruitment and employment are in accordance with applicable regulations.

Onboarding is the final step of a successful recruitment process. Onboarding is about giving you the best possible start in your new job.

  • How do we ensure that you quickly understand the culture of our workplace?
  • How do we ensure that you have a good relationship with your new colleagues and management?
  • How do we ensure that your ambitions, expectations and competences are in alignment?

Our onboarding program is split into the following components:

  • Before your first day at work
  • Your first day at work
  • The first 30 days
  • The first 90 days
  • Being a buddy

As a new employee, you will be assigned a mentor to provide you with support. The introduction programme/probationary period are always followed up by an interview before you are given a permanent contract.

Your immediate manager is responsible for the part of the onboarding process that involves:

  • Personal introduction to your immediate colleagues
  • Insight into the use of TimeMap
  • Insight into the use of relevant IT programs/tools

Terms of employment
Your terms of employment are set out in your contract and/or in the applicable collective agreements. Any violation of the terms of your employment and internal rules may have consequences for your employment.

Change of address
You should always inform your employer of any change of address, so if you move to a different place of residence this should be notified to ADM-HR.

Give Steel is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri – DI) and adheres to their collective agreement.

Link to Collective Agreement

Salary/wage payment
Wages are paid every 14 days for employees on hourly wages and every month for employees in administration. Your wage/salary is transferred to the account listed on your employment documents.

A pay slip will be sent over “e-boks” containing details of what you have been paid and the net amount that is transferred to your account. The amount will be available on the availability date shown on your pay slip.

Labour market pension
(only for employees on hourly contracts and with status equivalent to salaried employees)
Employees with nine months’ seniority are covered by the pension scheme with Industriens Pension from the age of 20. Apprentices must be fully qualified and over the age of 20.

The seniority requirement lapses for employees whose previous employment relationships/employers have provided cover under the Industriens Pension or another labour market pension scheme.

Working from home
Some groups of employees have the option to have a home workplace. Working from home requires self-discipline, morale and mutual trust and must always be by agreement with your immediate manager. Working from home is registered in Outlook.