Policy for employees who leave the company

Policy for employees who leave the company

Your own resignation
If you resign on your own behalf, you must ensure an informative handover of your area well in advance of your departure.

When we have no options other than to terminate the employment relationship, it must be ensured that this takes place in such a manner that the employment relationship with affected employees is brought to a close in a reasonable manner.
If you leave your position at Give Steel, you must return any work clothes, tools and keys, as well as any safety equipment, telephones, computers, books and other items that you may have been assigned.

Exit interview
Whenever an employee decides to leave the company, we conduct an informal interview to (as far as possible) find out why the employee has decided to leave and to ask for their assessment of working conditions. We must ensure a positive departure and good memories of the collaboration.

The employee’s immediate manager is responsible for taking back keys and any other items and for informing the employee of their continued duty of confidentiality towards the company.

The purpose of the exit interview is to provide mutual feedback that may give cause for a consideration of adjustments to the management/working format and job content.

Information associated with your departure from the company
It is management’s responsibility to inform in the following order:

  • Immediate colleagues
  • Other employees
  • The board (if appropriate)
  • Any impacted partners

Notice of termination
See your employment contract for further information about notice of termination.

Upon termination of your employment, a recommendation may be given if so desired. The recommendation will be prepared by management.

Salaried employees are always entitled to a confirmation of their employment with Give Steel.