Smoking policy

Based on current legislation, we have drawn up a smoking policy, which applies to all our employees, customers and suppliers.

This policy applies to all types of smoking, including e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco/snuff and the like.
Give Steel offers all interested employees help to quit smoking in collaboration with smoking cessation consultants. The quit smoking course is free and is held at Give Steel.

Why have a smoke-free workplace?
Give Steel values the health and welfare of its employees.
Our smoking policy is an overall framework that reflects Give Steel’s attitude to being a smoke-free workplace. The smoking policy is based on the issue of health and focuses on creating a healthy smoke-free workplace that contributes to welfare and well-being.

We want to create a culture that is conducive to none of our employees taking up smoking and that supports employees who want to quit the habit.

Smoke-free future
The Danish Cancer Society and the Tryg Fonden foundation have started the “smoke-free future” (Røgfri Fremtid) initiative with the goal that no children and young people and no more than 5% of all adults in Denmark will be smokers in 2030.
Many companies and organisations, including Give Steel, have signed up to this vision of a smoke-free generation and are working to change smoking norms among children and young people.

Smoke-free workplace
As a general rule, smoking in the workplace is prohibited to protect employees from inhaling second-hand smoke.

A smoke-free workplace means that:

  • Smoking is prohibited for all employees INDOORS both during and outside working hours, including during breaks.
  • Smoking is prohibited for all employees OUTDOORS during working hours. Smoking is ONLY allowed in the smoking shed during breaks, i.e. the fixed breaks described under “Employment conditions”.

Smoke-free working hours
Give Steel is a smoke-free workplace with smoke-free working hours.
Smoke-free working hours = smoke-free working hours, i.e. smoking is allowed in the fixed breaks only.

This means that employees are not allowed to smoke during working hours. This applies regardless of where the employee happens to be during their working hours.

By introducing smoke-free working hours, Give Steel is contributing towards the prevention of smoking and promoting smoking cessation.

In case of violation of the smoking ban
It can be difficult for some smokers to comply with a ban like this, and it can seem like too much of a change.
We therefore need to check for compliance with the smoking ban if it is to have an impact on smoking cessation and we must provide help where it is needed.

Those among the company’s employees who want to quit smoking are offered advice about how to quit smoking from a smoking cessation consultant.

If Give Steel becomes aware that an employee is smoking during working hours, i.e. outside the fixed breaks, the employee will be contacted for support and guidance.

Violation of the smoking policy by an employee can have legal consequences for the employee’s employment. For their first violation, the employee will be offered a smoking cessation course.

Management is responsible for ensuring that everyone complies with the smoking policy. Managers therefore have a duty to take action when they discover employees who do not comply with the smoking policy.