As an employee at Give Steel, you represent the company in your daily work, regardless of whether you are in contact with customers, suppliers, guests or with your colleagues. We are all part of a professional work environment with high professional standards, and it is therefore important that we as employees also signal professionalism in our attire. Therefore, the following dress guidelines apply:

  • Your clothes must be clean, neat, decent and intact, just as it is a matter of course that you meet well-groomed at work.
  • Of course, all requirements for safety clothing must be complied with.
  • Attire and footwear must be suitable for your work situation and signal professionalism. Suitable workwear in office environments is defined as:


  • Long trousers, dress or skirt, shirt, polo shirt, blouse or t-shirt.
  • Closed shoes, sneakers or sandals.


  • Long trousers, shirt, polo shirt, blouse or t-shirt.
  • Closed shoes or sneakers.

N.B: All employees

For both sexes, shorts and flip flops are not considered suitable work attire, just as sandals for men are not considered appropriate in the workplace. This applies regardless of heat wave and hot weather.

What happens if the dress code is not complied with?

It is the management’s responsibility to reprimand any unsuitable attire to the employee. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that the employee is informed about the company’s guidelines for dress code, so that the employee’s attire supports the work situation in question and the company’s professionalism.