In case of an accident

In the event of a serious accident with personal injury during working hours, every employee must act on the basis of his or her best belief in what is working properly.

The emergency preparedness plan hangs on the board by the sink in production.


If there has been a minor accident, contact the production office or foreman.

NOTE! All accidents and near misses must be registered by Bjarne Larsen or Brian Munch Rasmussen.

In case of fire

If possible, we put out the fire ourselves. When the smoke alarm goes off, the fire brigade is automatically contacted. If it is a false alarm, be sure to notify the production office as soon as possible.

Hose reels are mounted every 50 meters along the walls of the production. These are marked with signs.

In addition, there are powder extinguishers in several places in the production and administration.

In the event of an explosion, ALL buildings leave via fire exits and meet at gate 100.

Fire exits, hose winches and fire extinguishers must not be blocked.

The emergency exits are marked with signs.

Accident insurance

All employees are covered by the statutory accident insurance. In the event of an accident, this is notified immediately to Bjarne Larsen, so that the notification to the insurance company can be made before the claim for compensation otherwise lapses.

The statutory employment insurance only covers working hours or if you travel for the company. Accident insurance does not cover to and from work.

Handling of near misses

All near misses must be reported to a member of the AMO group (see under the item Safety). Bjarne Larsen subsequently registers the incidents.


For every second that goes by without resuscitation, the chances of survival decrease.

You can not step wrong when you choose to step in if a person falls over with cardiac arrest. You make a big difference, and keep in mind that when you call 1-1-2, the call center will help you throughout the process.

In the link below you will get a step-by-step review of the techniques for life-saving first aid.

Location of defibrillators

A defibrillator is located in the following two places:

Link to Heart Starter – How to Do It!


The working environment organization at Give Steel A/S consists of the following people:

Bjarne Larsen: 2445 0620

Torben Larsen: 4026 4453

Brian Rasmussen: 2119 3404

Kurt Jacobsen: 6022 8740

Thomas Slepavicius: 6118 6547

Thomas Deleuran: 2594 6895

Do you have questions about workplace safety, contact one of the members.