Casting brackets

Give Steel supplies components for casting into concrete by another contractor before commencing the assembly of the structure. This assures safe and effective assembly.

Strut assembly

The frames are bolted together at the spine.

Assembly at frame corners

Give Steel supplies steel frames with bolted or welded frame corners. We always aim to provide the optimum solution with regard to production, transport and installation time. For smaller halls, and where transport considerations permit, it is advantageous to supply frames with welded corners.

Strut retainers

When using upwelded steel frames that fully exploit the characteristics of the profiles it becomes necessary to stiffen the profile using a strut. The strut system is coordinated during the planning stage.

Strut rods

When strut loads exceed the rated loads for the rafters a row of struts is used instead to retain the lower flange of the steel frame.

Struts in frame legs

This solution can be used where struts through the façade are not possible. The final design is coordinated during the planning stage.

Preparation for securing roof structures and façade elements

Extra support flanges are welded on when panels are to be fitted to the steel structure by another contractor.

Cross brace

Cross braces are fitted between the frames to ensure stability along the length of the building. Cross braces are normally constructed from rod profile steel. This allows the building to be fine-tuned precisely before completing installation.