Casting brackets

As well as our standard casting brackets, Give Steel also produces bolted assemblies, which are advantageous when pillars are made from tubular profiles.

Give Steel supplies components for casting into concrete by another contractor before commencing the assembly of the structure. This assures safe and effective assembly.

Bolted assemblies along the façade

Joints between columns and beams are bolted together. Details are coordinated during the planning phase.

Beams fitted to continuous columns

Preparation for securing roof structures and façade elements

Extra support flanges are welded on when panels are to be fitted to the steel structure by another contractor.

Preparation for integration with concrete

The steel can be prepared with welded-on anchor bends if deck structures are to be performed in concrete and will require integration with the steel structures.

Cross brace

When working with pillar and beam structures, building stability is achieved by using cross braces on both axes.

Cross braces are normally constructed from rod profile steel. This allows the building to be fine-tuned precisely before completing installation.