Optimizing design for CO2 reduction

“The challenge is not just to design the steel structure. The point is to find all the knowledge and experience and use all the technology available to make it a sustainable steel structure.”

Kasia Niechoj-Zaporowska, Head of Give Steel Poland

Give Steel Poland is growing steadily in step with the demand for BIM design of steel structures to Northern Europe. Having the right skills and attracting the most talented designers and BIM engineers, is therefore a crucial success factor for Give Steel Poland.

The challenge is not just to design the construction. But also optimizing it.

The design process starts with careful study and understanding of the construction.

Basic is here to choose the most effective statics and take advantage of all opportunities for geometric optimization in the construction system.

For this our open-minded team of structural engineers use the most updated software on the market for 3D models of structural systems.

The conclusions are then transferred to our BIM Engineers preparing a complete BIM model of the steel construction, which can be delivered for production.

However, for our BIM engineers, it is not sufficient to implement the technical data. They always go a step further and look for tricks and options that will optimize the structure.

In Give Steel we use many standard solutions, but in the engineering process, our ambitions are high. We question all traditionally thinking to open up for better and more optimal design.

All of these actions are focused on our main target: – to ensure that our customer gets an efficient

structure of minimum tonnage that is safe and as climate friendly as possible. This way,

optimal construction design is a crucial part of the steel structure’s CO2 reduction.