Give Steel’s exciting 320 ton steel structure provides the framework for this centre, that is intended to increase tourism in Western Greenland.  What makes the location of this tourist centre unique is the icefjord, which is one of the places where climate change is most apparent.

From the centre you can see close up how Greenlandic inland ice is melting.


Russia – Here we come!
Our BIM engineers in Give Steel Poland are currently working on our first Russian project: a steel structure for a 58×12 meter building.
We look forward to deliver a total of 193 tonnes of Danish-produced steel construction to the Russians.


The aquapark arena is located in the west coast of Jutland. Give Steel’s structural engineering team encountered extremely demanding geometry of the roof. The structure consists of trusses and joists connected with complicated roof bracing system, supported by concrete walls.

What we have found quite challenging, was application of proper stiffens from concrete elements and its influence on roof construction. This process required many iteration.