Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct must provide a clear understanding of the correct conduct that Give Steel A/S expects of its employees. It is a company guide that is designed to ensure daily and general conduct in accordance with Give Steel’s high standards, philosophy and policies, in particular with regard to our core value: RESPONSIBILITY. Conducting our business responsibly over the years has strengthened Give Steel and our brand. Through the right behaviour, we can all contribute to the company’s continued strong reputation.

This Code of Conduct refers to our Personnel Handbook and Safety Handbook. These documents are provided to all employees and all employees are likewise required to read these documents in detail.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Keep your workplace clean and tidy

We aim for a positive, motivating, inspiring and clean work environment. We therefore expect our employees to maintain a clean and tidy working environment in production, offices and on construction sites.

COOPERATION: Quality, improvements and high ambitions

Our main philosophy requires us to do things better today than we did yesterday. We deliver high quality – every time. And we do so in a social and motivational working environment where focus is on quality, improvement and where ambitions are high. Ambitiously challenging each other can be a positive way to achieve higher goals.

SAFETY AT THE WORKPLACE: Follow the safety rules and be responsible

Safety comes first! It is important to Give Steel that our employees should behave in accordance with the procedures defined in Give Steel’s Safety Handbook. We also expect responsible behaviour towards colleagues, equipment and machinery. We have a zero tolerance policy to employees who arrive at work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medication. Compliance with our safety rules ensures that our employees are not exposed to danger in the workplace and that everyone can return home safely to their families every day.

IT SECURITY: Protecting and handling information with due care

To protect information, we handle any personal, official, business-related and confidential information with appropriate care and responsibility.

ETHICS: Good work, honesty and a high moral code

Ethics, a high moral code and work ethics are important to Give Steel and part of our DNA. We expect all employees to be honest and to be socially and environmentally responsible, with a focus on quality, efficiency and precision.

Always reduce costs as far as possible: As employees, we should use the company’s money as if it were our own.

At Give Steel, we uphold all human rights and comply with all rules about equality and diversity. Give Steel prohibits all discrimination on the basis of nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief.

BRIBERY will not be tolerated at any level

We have zero tolerance for bribery. This means that our employees may not accept or offer bribes of any kind, including:

  • Charitable donations
  • Payment of travel expenses
  • Delivery of products and/or services
  • Disproportionate entertainment expenses
  • Transfer of other personal or financial benefits

All corporate gifts are distributed through our Staff Association so that they can be distributed equally and fairly.

COMPETITION is healthy

We do not eliminate competition. In fact, we believe that competition helps us to stay ahead in a competitive and international market. That is why we always talk about our competitors with respect and in a positive way.

All forms of illegal pricing agreements are prohibited. The same applies to other related agreements regarding significant terms, prices, fees, charges and conditions between competitors. Cartel/price-fixing agreements are prohibited by law and are counter to everything we stand for.

ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE: Help us to minimise CO2 consumption. Your contribution is important!

At Give Steel, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint, to maintain a highly efficient production and to handle all waste correctly. We constantly strive to improve our sustainability profile. We need everyone to support us on this journey. Everyone is therefore encouraged to act responsibly in connection with procurements, production, transportation and the handling of waste. If you have any ideas about how we could improve our CO2 footprint, please send your tip to

Give Steel supports the 17 UN Global Goals – and expect our employees to do the same, notably Global Goals no. 4: Quality Education, no. 8: Decent work and economic growth and no. 12: Responsible consumption and production. For more information about Give Steel’s stance on the Global Goals, see the Global Goals brochure on our website.

Do you feel challenged?

We strive for improvement every day. And sometimes we feel that this can be a challenge.

If you feel challenged by our Code of Conduct, you are free to discuss your concerns with your manager, who will be happy to help you avoid any potential breaches of trust. We believe that dialogue is the first step towards resolving any situation that may arise – and is therefore essential for our future partnership.


At Give Steel, we strive for an open and honest dialogue about challenges. Also those that relate to our values and behaviours.
We have therefore established a whistle blower platform where you can write, call or book a personal meeting with an external whistle-blower adviser if you experience inappropriate, irresponsible or unethical behaviour related to Give Steel A/S.
– Behaviour that is contrary to our values, high moral code and general code of conduct.

Everyone can apply anonymously and the inquiry will be forwarded in confidence to the person responsible for Give Steel A/S.
You can access our whistle blower platform here: