Steelconstructions for new airport in Greenland

Give Steel has delivered the steel structures for Kalaallit Airport’s new airport in Ilulissat, which is the third-largest town located on the West Coast of Greenland.

The project encompasses a total of 8,300 square meters, distributed across three buildings: a terminal, a service building, and an air traffic control tower, with Give Steel involved early in the process.

The air traffic control tower is somewhat unique as it is constructed as a pentagonal tower mounted on a square building.

To ensure precise construction and assembly in Greenland, Give Steel conducted a trial assembly and connection of the tower at the factory in Brande to ensure that the two parts fit together. Subsequently, everything was disassembled, finished painted, and shipped by sea to Greenland.

The two large buildings, the terminal and the service building, are constructed with frames of the same dimensions and slope, and the entire construction is set to be completed in 2024.

  Period: 2022-2024
  Location: Ilulissat, Greenland
  Size: 8.300 m2
  Tons of steel: 505
  Customer: KJ Greenland A/S
  Steelconstruction: Give Steel A/S