Giant production facility in Southern Sweden

Nobia’s new production halls cover an area equivalent to 18 soccer fields.

The sheer size of the construction posed the biggest challenge.

Most of the main rafters measured 36 meters in length, requiring significant effort to produce, transport, and install in Sweden. The steel structures totaling 5400 tons were divided into 120 phases.

It also demanded extra effort with complex placements of firewalls and wind reinforcements to ensure stability in the steel construction.

The project also had an extremely short turnaround time from design to production, necessitating extensive collaboration with other subcontractors to make it successful.

The facility is expected to be ready for production in 2024.

  Period: 2021-2022
  Location: Jönköping, Sweden
  Size: 123.000 m2
  Tons of steel: 5.400
  Customer: Logistic Contractors
  Steelconstruction: Give Steel A/S