CPH Airport - Expansion of Terminal 3

To meet future demand, Copenhagen Airport has commenced an expansion of Terminal 3, surpassing previous expansions and consolidating it as one of the best in the world, where everything is kept under one roof.

Give Steel has the steel contract for the spectacular construction, consisting of an entirely new building and the renovation of the existing terminal buildings.

The new terminal building intertwines between Airport Fingers B and C.

Terminal 3 will become the heart of the airport and will house retail areas, lounges, offices, flow areas, baggage handling/retrieval, technical areas, as well as basements for storage, and more.

The focal point of the terminal is an open space with a large garden, a starry sky, and an impressive view of the runways from a window stretch about 180 meters long. A suspended, column-free floor divides the space into two levels, continuing the natural integration of the existing buildings.

Large transverse grids, up to 3.6 meters in height and about 15 meters in length, constitute an entire technical floor. These grids will support both the second-floor suspended deck and the overlying level with lounges and offices, as well as the roof structure. Remarkably, these heavy grids, weighing up to 17 tons, will be welded and assembled on-site. Renovation of the existing terminal buildings will commence in the autumn of 2023 and will continue until 2027.

The renovation involves reinforcing the existing roof grids over Terminal 3 with additional steel and raising the current floor by 1 meter to the new floor level using built-in reinforcement beams.

  Period: 2022-2024
  Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  Size: 60.000 m2
  Tons of steel: 6.412
  Customer: Per Aarsleff A/S