Lower construction height

A GSY BEAM® is integrated into the deck and therefore occupies minimal space under its baseline. The resulting slimmer deck fabrication can then be used to provide extra ceiling height. This gives greater architectural freedom and can make it possible to route installations that would otherwise have represented a challenge. The lower construction height can also be exploited to lower the height of each storey, which can mean lower construction costs and reduced ongoing costs to heat and cool the building, or even to add an extra storey. Excavations can be minimised when using GSY BEAM®. in basement structures.

Easier HVAC installation

GSY BEAM®. makes it possible to use smaller sockets under the deck baseline, easing HVAC installation processes.  There is no need to coordinate routings through beams and the space beneath a lower staggered deck and, for example, a suspended ceiling,  can be optimised without compromising architectural design.


In addition to the economic benefits of a potentially lower construction height, the reduced climate shield also means reduced heating consumption and heat loss, which also means reduced CO2 emissions. The optimisation of each beam means optimised use of materials in the manufacture of each GSY BEAM®.


Every GSY BEAM®. is customised to the specific project. The GSY BEAM®. can be used for almost all applications because of its increased flexibility. The design is flexible and is always adjusted to the customer’s requirements with regard to function and geometry. A GSY BEAM®. is manufactured with the required camber. With casting skirts, reinforcements, barrier mountings and sockets for the desired purpose. It can be incorporated as a simple single-tension point beam in a deck construction, but can also be used as part of a more static or geometrically challenging structure, as a continuous system, chamfered beams, gerber tie/brace beam structures, edge beams and as the upper or lower beam in a grid structure. Give Steel aims to have the best possible flexibility in the design, construction and use of GSY BEAM®. At Give Steel we think it is of the greatest importance to be flexible and to produce the best results in the final project. This is why we offer to collaborate from a very early stage of the planning phase. This allows us to produce the best solutions as part of a strong professional partnership.

Short delivery times

Give Steel does not operate with standard delivery times, as no project is the same and delivery times will always vary, based on quantities, number of stages, complexity and how far the project has progressed. We always endeavour to supply as quickly as possible. Our delivery schedule is always coordinated in partnership with the customer, contractor and consultants.