Welcon mega production and warehouse hall

Welcon’s mega-hall serves as an excellent example of the large-scale production and storage facilities of the
future. Everything here is simply enormous. The halls are specifically designed for Lean production, incorporating
advanced modern robot technology.

The hall is divided into three sections of “ships”. One “ship” accommodates an overhead crane capable of lifting 125 tons, while the other two “ships” house overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 300 tons each. In total, the mega hall spans an area of 19,000 m².

The steel structure of the hall consists of column and beams, while the roof is supported by steel trusses that bear high-profile perforated steel trapezoidal plates. Welcon’s tremendous expansion aligns with the projected fivefold increase in Danish wind energy by 2030. They supply masts and floating foundations to the wind turbine industry, embodying their motto, ‘If you can dream it, we can steel it.’

We couldn’t agree more.

  Period: 2022-2023
  Location: Give
  Type: Production hall and warehouse
  Total area: 19.000 m2
  Measurement Length: 180 metres Width: 109 metres Heigh: 23,5 metres
  Longest span: 39 metres
  Tons (totalt): 2.462 tons
  Costumer: KT Erhvervsbyg A/S
  Steel construction: Give Steel A/S