Giant production hall for the wind turbine industry

100 trusses with spans exceeding 40 metres. This production hall for the wind turbine industry is an example of the type of mega structures with the largest spans. Give Steel supplied a total of over 2,350 tons of steel structures to C.C. Contractor who were completing this build for a leading Danish renewable energies stakeholder.

The new production hall that exceeds 300 metres will be used for wind turbine testing. The new testing facilities are constructed as a large steel hall with enormous joist girders. Cantilever cranes and overhead cranes weighing more than 100 tons have been installed in the building.

Photo credit: No. 4 C. C. Contractor

  Period: 2022
  Location: Denmark
  Type: Production hall
  Total area: 18.600 m2
  Measurement Length: More than 300 metres Heigh: More than 20 metres
  Longest span: Over 40 metres
  Tons (total): 2.350 tons
  Costumer: C. C. Contractor
  Steel construction: Give Steel A/S




The construction is an extension of an existing hall and the construction of a new production hall.



The steel structure was designed and modelled in Tekla by Give Steel BIM & Structural Design department.