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Triple track sustainability

Give Steel’s approach to sustainability follows three tracks. It endeavours to achieve social responsibility, CO2-friendly operations and production and, lastly, presentation of any necessary documentation that will assure the company’s economic growth.

Give Steel and the UN’s Global Goals

We support 10 of the UN’s Global Goals, but focus on three of them in particular:

Goal 4: Quality education
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Final Figures


Sustainability 2020/21.


Triple bottom line

EPD declaration

There is increasing demand for environmental declarations. Denmark uses the DGNB sustainability standard. Other European countries use other environmental certifications.

We are in constant dialogue with our raw materials suppliers to ensure that we have the required documentation for sustainability, including in the product categories: rough panels, tubing, frames, strip sheeting, flat steel, universal steel etc.

We support all sustainability certifications, including:

  • DGNB
  • LEED

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Sustainable development

Give Steel is dedicated to CO2 optimising our production and operations. Water-based paints, robot technologies, electricity-powered machinery and well-designed structures, to ensure the greatest possible transport CO2 savings; all these initiatives are part of our green transition.

Danish production

All our steel frames are made in Denmark. This assures quality and also protects Danish jobs.

Part of our CSR strategy means bringing value to our local area by providing jobs.