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We have been manufacturing steel beams for the Danish market and the other Nordic countries for over forty years. Standard-type steel structures continue to be an important focus area for us, even though more complex steel structures have, over the years, become a growing part of our business.

Simple steel structures
Standard steel structures mean simple project planning, short manufacturing times, effective installation, low construction costs and a high degree of flexibility. Over the years, our deliveries of simple steel structures have contributed to our growth and have brought us to our current position, where we implement our own planning of several larger and more complex projects.

Complex steel structures
Huge weight, particularly large dimensions, grid beams with impressive spans, attractive forgings and complicated assembly can all contribute to the complexity of a steel structure.

For complex steel structures, Project planning management is our mantra. From design and calculations, to purchase, manufacture, transport and assembly.

Over the years, Give Steel has delivered numerous complex steel structures, for both private and public construction projects. We have a strong reputation for our ability to optimise structures, making them as cost effective as possible. Finally, we have given our competitors a real challenge with our special GSY composite beam.

This beam offers a new degree of flexibility and exciting architectural opportunities, for when there are special requirements for limited construction height and facade area, special or curved forms or a construction that is visually “lighter”. By integrating steel structure and concrete cladding, the composite beam is able to achieve a slimmer construction without the use of underlying beams, a lower construction height, a high degree of fire safety that is well-documented and unprecedented design freedom.

No matter what kind of steel structure is involved, we use the latest project planning, management and manufacturing methods. We have over forty years of experience, modern manufacturing equipment and professionally competent staff and are now able to offer you attractive steel structures of varying complexity, at economically attractive rates.