Final Figures 2022

Mega structures have lifted Give Steel to the next level

The financial year 2022 saw record revenue and the handling of several large mega structures, which have given Give Steel a boost in competence in working with very large projects.

Final Figures is also Give Steel’s ESG report, featuring the latest year’s data on the three bottom lines: social, economic, and environmental.

In addition, you will find relevant information about:

▪️ The financial bottom line and key figures for 2022

▪️ References to giant steel structures for logistics and data centers and industrial construction

▪️ Increasing requirements for documentation in all phases of construction, ESG reporting, and documentation requirements from EU directives

▪️ The organization, strategy, and ambitions for a more sustainable future

Final Figures also describes the journey towards even better and more environmentally-friendly production processes, with steel approaching 100% recyclability.

However, it is also the stories of a resilient race car driver, a new advanced education trailer visiting schools and prisons across the country, and the GROW association – which has been initiated and driven by pure passion.

And it is the account of all the young people who gain employment and an extra chance in a strong community, here at Give Steel.

Download and read more here.